Artangel – A Tender Subject


An interesting example of “Expanded Doco” in today’s Guardian: a performance installation work which explores the world of gay prisoners:

“Anderson believes that A Tender Subject is a “pivotal work” for Artangel which has wide-ranging implications for the arts in Britain.

“Its roots are in educational practice, it articulates itself through social value and through the value of those participating in the process but it stands in a mainstream arts framework.”

Though Storor’s previous work includes For the Best, made with terminally ill children at the dialysis unit at the Evelina hospital school in Southwark, south London, he says that A Tender Subject was his most challenging project yet – not only in persuading the prison officers that it was worthwhile, but also in the work’s nature, trying to find moments of intimacy in a world where violence and fear are far more common.”

Expanded Documentary Seminar

This two day UOW Institute for Social Transformation Research seminar aims to explore the changing character of the documentary genre in the light of its expansion beyond standard linear-sequential forms, conventional media distribution contexts and ordinary habits of documentary production and consumption. Apart from acknowledging new modes of documentary within contexts such as social media and contemporary art practice, the seminar aims to consider shifting relations between live event, documentary record and documentary genre within a range of different critical and creative-practice based research disciplines. The seminar will draw together academic staff and post-graduate students who share a key interest in this expanded field and who are interested in developing a focused context for discussion, research and collaboration.

The seminar is scheduled to run Thursday the 6th and Friday the 7th of September in the Faculty of Creative Arts (FCA) building, in conjunction with the 2012 FCA Postgraduate week. The Thursday will involve practical workshops exploring the relationship between contemporary socially-directed art practice and the documentary genre. The Friday will focus on critical examination of expanded documentary practice.

More information and calls for participation will be available from the following website by 16th of March 2012:

The website is intended as a context for seminar planning, communication and documentation.