Artangel – A Tender Subject

An interesting example of “Expanded Doco” in today’s Guardian: a performance installation work which explores the world of gay prisoners:

“Anderson believes that A Tender Subject is a “pivotal work” for Artangel which has wide-ranging implications for the arts in Britain.

“Its roots are in educational practice, it articulates itself through social value and through the value of those participating in the process but it stands in a mainstream arts framework.”

Though Storor’s previous work includes For the Best, made with terminally ill children at the dialysis unit at the Evelina hospital school in Southwark, south London, he says that A Tender Subject was his most challenging project yet – not only in persuading the prison officers that it was worthwhile, but also in the work’s nature, trying to find moments of intimacy in a world where violence and fear are far more common.”