Thanks to all those who participated in the Expanded Documentary seminar over the last couple of days!

Thanks to Ross Gibson for his great keynote and input, as well as to all the session convenors, speakers and conversationalists.

Thanks to Bettina Frankham for her huge help in getting the whole thing happening and running.

Thanks to Anna and Aaron for recording the whole event.

Thanks to Olena Cullen for managing all kinds of vital stuff (coffee, tea, water, mints, cakes, lunch…).

Thanks finally to the Institute for Social Transformations Research strength and the Creative Arts + Social Transformation research centre for supporting the event.

Great to see all the material written for the site. I’ve opened up another area called “Furtherances” for anybody who feels inclined to follow up on issues that emerged during the sessions or to suggest new lines of enquiry. Contact me if you’d like an author log-in or just send me the material and I’ll post it to the site.

Brogan (